25+ Illustrative Logo Design Examples

What makes a brand memorable? There are many answers for this question but every answer will start from “identity” i.e Logo Design. Think about your famous brands, you can easily draw the graphical representation in your mind. Image is essential part of Logo. Some designers go for minimal image for the logo and some draw a complex Illustrations for the brand. Basically the illustrative logos are used in Religious Centers, Shops e.g  Barber, Cafes and Hotels etc.

Below are the showcase of more than 25 illustrative logo designs for inspiration. Inspiration does not mean to copy someone work. It will be plagiarism. Inspiration is about to create more from already drawn art.

Cecil & Rosie’s Cafe

Summer Bash Event

Catrina Red Ale

Jaguar Pale Ale

El Tiburon


Breast Cancer Walk

Nick Smithey  – The Design Guy

The Empire of Good

Scott’s Emulsion


Parallax Effects

MooFish Cafe

Hidalgo Stout

Stranger software 3

Northern Mail





Barber Shop

Heavy Metal Hockey

South Pacific

Carp Clench

Pliušinukų namai

Robinson Family Vacation



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