15 New Advertising Photo Manipulation Artwork

Photo manipulation is a art in which many photos are combined in a way that they give a look of one composition. But now a days not only photos but some digital work also add to give the composition more realistic effect. We can say that these are digital illustrations. It can be done on the Photoshop easily, but it takes some practice also. Photo manipulation is more about advertising because you are giving a message actually to the target audience. That is why, its importance is increasing day by day.

Photo manipulation can be done abstractly. But today designers combine both abstract and real elements to make a good composition and eye catching ads as well. I have chosen some of the projects from Behance Network. These artworks will definitely inspire you and help you to improve your skills also. Enjoy!

1. The man who would stop time:

Editorial design, Photo Manipulation, Photo Illustration

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2. Swarms

Advertising, Retouching

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3. Speedy

Advertising, Photo manipulation, Digital Art

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4. Adobe CS6 Promotion

Graphic design, Illustration, Packaging

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5. Angel Tears

Photo Illustration, Digital art, Painting

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6. Play Boy Magazine USA Zombcon

Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Illustration

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7. Constellation of the Jaguar Shaman

Digital Art, Print Design, Graphic Design

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8. Best of FC Zenit Posters 2011

Art direction, Photo Manipulation, Retouching

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9. London Showroom

Photography, Photo Illustration, Graphic Design

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10. Everything you can imagine is real

Digital Art, Photo manipulation, Illustration

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11. Aalesund Football Club Pre- Seaon Branding

Advertising, Art Direction,  Branding

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12. La Bella Cautiva / Beauty Captured

Digital art, Photo Manipulation

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13. David Lynch + Ice Cube

Photo Manipulation, Digital art, Photography

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14. SKY HDTV – never miss a moment

Advertising, Digital Imaging, Art Direction

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15. Dream

Photography, Digital Photography, Photo Manipulation

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Hope you enjoy them. Comment about your Favorite one.

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