Creative and Unique Lamp Designs

Design industry is growing very fast and lamp designing is important part of it. Variety of designs already present in the market and their number increasing day by day. Some designs are very simple and geometric but at the same time very complex and abstract shapes lamps are also designed by different designers. In interior design, lamps play a major role. Because the lights can enhance or reduce the beauty of the space.

Below are the showcase of  29 creative and unique lamp designs. You can draw a lot of inspiration from these designs. Your suggestions are always welcome, Please fill the comment box at the end. Your comment matters at grafixyard.

29 Unique and Creative Lamp Designs

DEJÀ VÚ lamp

From Shade to Life


Infinite Lamp

PALA – suspension lamp

Torpedo, Lamp.





Dolphin light

Typo Lamp


Flow – public lighting for the Third World

ERUS | suspended luminaire

Sunrise Lamp

Lamp prototype


Superlamp №1


Canopy Chandelier

Octopussy , Floor Lamp

Lamp “Sixties”


Atan – Lamp Concept

Alveo Lamp


CUBIX lamp

Rubik’s lamp.

Cloud lamps. Cooperation


Lamp “Mess”

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