Making of Rio 2016 Logo Design

The Rio 2016 logo is designed by highly professional team of  TatilDesign. The main focus of the TatilDesign is on Graphic Design, Branding, Product Design. The Rio 2016 brand project team comprises of more than 40 people, including strategists, designers and editors. There is a big task for the team as it is the brand image of World’s largest Games Festival.

The Challenge – Dream Project

The challenge is big. They have to represent the Passion and Transformation of a city and an entire country. This important project united almost 138 Brazilian design and branding companies around a shared dream: to design a brand that would become part of out city’s history and of the history of Olympic Games.

The Process – Research, Brain Storming, Co-Creation

Brain storming is start with more than 40 team members.  The team wanted to truly understand the underlying structures behind Passion, Transformation and the Cariocas. The final brand was the result of a truly collaborative effort.

The Solution – Passion and Transformation

This landmark comes to life and gains a three-dimensional perspective, with volume and cut-outs. Contours create the topography of the city in our imagination.  A brand-sculpture, infinite, that gains textures and shapes, transforming into an object; a playful brand that can be experienced. Inspired by Rio’s nature, the athletes and its people, the Brand of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games evokes unity, inspires the will and desire to work together, to share our knowledge and talents, to join forces and ambitions for a sustainable way of life that will transform the present and our future.

Hope you enjoy the Brand design process and learn from it. Other details and descriptions of the process can be grab on Behance. Visit the Rio 2016 Logo design Process.

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