The Art of Street Photography

Street photography or photojournalism is a kind of photography in which people are often captured in candid situations. Candid means informal or natural. So in street photography everything is natural i.e from lights to pose and emotions of subject in the composition.

Many of the photographers prefer black and white medium in street photography. So they eliminate colors in their street photographs. Colors normally add life to the photograph but sometime colors create distraction and decrease the emphasis on actual subject.

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66 Mind blowing Examples of Street Photography

When it rains (First part)
by Michel Assaad

by Bart Szadurski

Gritty City
by Michael McDermott

by Oleg Zhukov

by Navid Baraty

When it rains (Second part)
by Michel Assaad

Sunday Stroll
by Jon Janzen

street photography 33
by felixlu

street photography 113
by felixlu

Street music
by Julie-de-Waroquier

Strangers in Sthlm
by Oscar Jettman

Small Looks – Street Photography
by Hélder Santos

Crossing a street in a rainy day in Kreuzberg
by Fabio Orsi

Bad Weather
by Danny Santos II

Street Life
by bdwfh

by bdwfh

by bdwfh

Different Worlds
by bdwfh

Killing Time
by bdwfh

Street Photography B & W
by Sagi Kortler

Street Photography B & W
by Sagi Kortler

Street Photography B & W
by Sagi Kortler

Famous Street Photographers

  • Henri Cartier-Bresson
    French photographer considered to be the father of modern photojournalism.
  • Bruce Gilden
    American street photographer famous for getting extremely close to his subjects. known for his work in New York City.
  • Martin Parr
    Quirky and colourful photography from a master documentary photographer.

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